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“The best thing about ECP was their adaptability. With previous First Aid courses we have had to cover things that aren’t relevant to the activities we do or the destinations we go to. However, with the Expedition Care Programme, we were able to tailor the training we received so that we could include more advanced interventions for remote environments that we do encounter. The training was delivered in a fun and practical and always professional way by our instructor. His experience as an Expedition Leader was ideal for what we wanted to get out of the training which was delivered in a well thought out and easy to follow manner. There was a perfect mix of theory and scenario based training with meant by the end we all had confidence in what we we’d been taught. All the participants agreed that the course was excellent and that we would look to use them as a provider again. “
Cofion caredig

'This travel safety course is a must for anyone embarking on any form of expedition. Their detailed knowledge of hazardous environments, varying cultures and expedition/production planning provides an excellent platform for learning. The delivery of the course is superb from interesting surprise scenarios to bespoke situational awareness lessons. They mix it up nicely with humour and detailed personal anecdotes. They provide that feeling that whichever scenario you end up in, there will always be a memorable story from the course.' 

Logistics Manager, Fugro Aperio

Having previously delivered a series of excellent (and very appropriate) remote area first aid courses for us, we brought the ECP team back to deliver a week long bespoke remote area safety package for us covering remote area specific risk management, travel safety and security, as well as three days of remote area first aid, specifically designed so that members of staff from different areas of the company could attend the courses suitable for them - from a one day introductory course to the more advanced two and three day options. The first aid was taught in a practical, hands on manner, some of our previous trainers had presented classroom/power point based lessons with little student interaction, however all the Lifesigns staff kept the audience fully engaged with lots of scenarios and training exercises which have in no doubt added to retention rates and helped to nullify skill fade. The students were drawn from across our companies and operations and even the very experienced field staff and managers still took a lot from the courses. The experience of the two instructors, Al and Ian, was apparent and has benefitted us greatly. Other departments and sister companies are now wanting the same training ! Highly recommended.

Technology Manager, Fugro Aperio

We deploy our highly professional geophysicists, surveyors and technicians to projects around the world including remote and challenging environments. We also have UK based operations and offices. To ensure that our staff are as safe as possible (whilst in the UK and overseas) and to equip them to deal with any issues that may arise, we selected ECP to deliver UK based first aid, remote area first aid, medical and safety training. ECP has delivered a selection of their courses to a variety of staff - from Emergency First Aid at Work for UK based office staff and managers to Basic and Advanced level remote area medical training and first aid for those who operate in remote environments a long way from external support.


It’s essential that our staff can deal competently and confidently with medical emergencies; when stress levels are high in a situation like that you need to keep a clear head based on good training and a focus on casualty survival. The ECP course promoted exactly that – with clear demonstrations, plenty of hands-on practise and many examples and anecdotes born from the visceral perspective of the trainer’s extensive personal experience. Knowledgeable and practical answers were given to all of our questions, even those relating to more advanced topics.


The feedback from all delegates has been excellent and it is clear, from our own previous experience, that this training is suitable and fit for purpose.

"Highly enjoyable and informative - with great practicalities and excllent experience level from course tutors"

Simon - ITN

Health & Safety Manager, Weatherford Oil, Kurdistan
The excellent training recently delivered by the Exploration Care Program has enhanced the capability of our workforce beyond all expectation.  The positive effect on the safety culture of our workforce is tangible and it has helped to establish a solid base on which we can build with the local employees.
 The pace and level of training was just right and accounted for the varied experience and knowledge of multinational students  with first rate results. I cannot recommend the Exploration Care Program and their highly professional staff strongly enough. 
 Thank you for your support  and I look forward to using Risk Lifesigns again in future.
 Kind Regards
QHSSE  Manager Kurdistan

The BBC has employed ECP for a wide range of tasks in support of overseas productions, both in training and an operational capacity. As Series Producer, I have always been impressed at the adaptability and professionalism displayed by personnel from this company.

I have been directly involved with the company over two series of ‘SAS – Are You Tough Enough?’ ECP provided bespoke training courses for the production teams before deploying to the jungles of Borneo and the deserts of Namibia. These courses included First Aid, Navigation, Survival Skills, Environmental Awareness and Team Building. The breadth of subjects covered displayed the depth of knowledge that the instructors at this company have, but what impressed us most was the style in which the information was given.

ECP has assisted the BBC on numerous overseas trips. In Namibia, the company provided tight administrative support during the filming of SAS Desert, ensuring that all equipment was accounted for and in good operational condition. In addition, the company set up the abseil for the contestants, which involved the securing on rock of a 70m descent. In Ethiopia, the company assisted in a detailed reconnaissance to the Danakil Depression where we were to assess the feasibility of filming inside an active volcano. Again the company were meticulous in attention to detail, both in the planning process and in all matters concerning safety. On both overseas trips, the company members were shining examples of what a professional and competent organisation should be. In the UK, ECP provided bespoke training courses and undertook the selection training for 120 potential candidates for the series “Destination D-Day” then went on the assist in logistical and medical support of the series

I am aware that the BBC has also used this company for the training of journalists, deploying to Gulf War 2 and for The Challenge, an adventure racing reality show. As a corporation, we intend to continue to employ ECP in a variety of roles and are very happy with the value for money product produced. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to you.

Dale Templar - Series Producer BBC

True Adventure, December 

Everyone at True Adventure completed a wilderness first aid‬ and remote operational support training course last week! Thanks to Expedition Care Program for a very interesting and valuable few days! ‪

KUDU Expeditions: Bespoke Remote Area First Aid and Travel Health training

As a provider of high quality, long duration,  motorcycle based expeditions, safety is a priority for us. The London to Cape Town, Trans Africa 2013 Expedition is departing shortly and will be travelling across remote and difficult terrain. The expedition support team includes a qualified Nurse as the Expedition Medical Officer. To ensure that the Medical Officer is able to operate in these conditions and respond to trauma and travel health issues that the expedition may face, we called in the experts - the Expedition Care Program. The instructor had significant remote area operations and medical experience. The course was exactly what was needed, fit for purpose : practical, realistic and effective training. I know that a lot of expedition and adventure travel companies use their services and it is very clear why. Highly recommended. We will certainly continue to use them.

Jk, Company Director

Everest Altitude Medicine Research Expedition 2012

I was part of an Everest trip organized by The Lifesigns Group in 2012. My role in the expedition was to organise and conduct simple scientific measurements on over 40 adolescent trekkers to assess how well they acclimatised to the high altitude environment. This required a high level of organisation in order to schedule and carry out daily scientific measurements. I could not have carried out this experiment without the help of the two trek leaders from The Lifesigns Group, Ian and Kerri. They supported the research in many ways including; organising in-country logistics, ensuring time was allocated to collect measurements, and keeping trekkers motivated to participate. Aside from the help they gave me from a research perspective they were great to walk with through the Solukhumbu and if opportunity arises I would like to again in the future.

Dr Philip Hennis

Research Associate, University College London

Adventure Unlimited

We have been using ECP to deliver our first aid training for many years now. We asked ECP to tailor a two-day first aid course best suited to the work we do. Our staff teach outdoor education to children and adults alike, mostly in the countryside in all weather conditions and often away from immediate external assistance. ECP came up trumps and now deliver a course at our own activity site that more than meets all of our requirements. They cover all the real time situations we could find ourselves in. There is plenty of role-playing, simulating the medical issues that may arise. The course is truly engaging with caring, patient and sympathetic instructors. I would highly recommend ECP to any individual or organisation who require a truly professionally delivered course.


World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) 

 “We have used ECP for our First Aid training since 2010 and are always extremely happy with the service and training we receive. The instructors are extremely friendly and flexible to the training needs for our organisation.

The course has been specifically tailored for us and provides us with the knowledge our staff need so they are all equipped when travelling overseas”

Managing Director Inspire Worldwide (Adventure Travel company) 

We have used The Expedition Care Program for specific High Altitude Training for our Trip Leaders and have always been impressed by their staff and also flexibility on running the course. It meets our needs and the support and extra advice provided by the Expedition Care Program instructors has been invaluable.

Can I add my many thanks again for your time spent with us last week on the first aid course. You provided, once again an exceptionally clear, relevant and fully interactive course of very high practicality related to our exploration first aid needs, both in terms of our commitments related to group field course training around the world as well as our range of particular needs related to our own fieldwork research in remote places.

 I was delighted to meet you once again. It has been a dozen years or so now, at least, since you first provided for our needs and, once again, it was very reassuring to have the relevant practical tests set in a very realistic manner and to see how first aid in the field continues to change and develop in its practice.

 Thanks again, I and the whole group found it to be most enjoyable and thoroughly reassuring - looking forward to the next time....

 Cheers and have some great, safe, trips to all those exotic places,


Senior Lecturer,
School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences,
University of Durham

Bespoke Training Course calling on the climbing and medical skills of our team

Instructors have recently returned from delivering safety training at the O2 Arena for a client operating Urban aerial attractions. We provided training prior to the venue opening and the also refresher training. A spectacular attraction and vantage point and an unusual environment for safety training hence calling on our experts. Great group of students and a truly impressive, unique and iconic attraction - well worth a visit:

To whom it may concern:

In June 2012 ECP were contacted at short notice to deliver a bespoke first aid training programme for 'Up at The O2' climbing guides on behalf of Wire & Sky Ltd.  There were many challenges to overcome and we relied on Lifesigns to be innovative and flexible in their approach, which they did from the outset.  They have delivered first aid training of a consistently high standard throughout our relationship and worked with us to achieve a course which prepares our guides well for the challenges they may face.  The course has students practising CPR on what is effectively a trampoline at height and ECP deliver this without issue, which, I think says it all.  I would recommend them unreservedly.


'Fantastic instructor, course content and venues'.

Alex Twist - Extreme First Aid Course


The Expedition Consultancy Limited

T.W. Hostile Environment Course for scientists working in Central America

The Hostile environments course is a great week of practical scenarios to get your team ready for the field. From being held hostage to catastrophic bleeding scenarios, the very experienced instructors will make you better prepared for the field!


'Very enjoyable two days, great facility, top class instruction. Many thanks!'


Spencer Nicholls - Navigation Training Course

Surrey Fire & Rescue Services

 T. Coleman SRK consulting (Canada).Safety training for Remote Area Personnel

 "Practical and effective safety and security training for those in the exploration sector operating in challenging environments, delivered by instructors with significant relevant experience. I would highly recommend to other companies in our field."


'Great to be able have access to detailed information from experienced guys who have been on the ground in South America – Medical, Security & Hostile Environment training that opened a few eyes….’   

Michelle Gauntlett, IWC Media

"... I received this quote from one of the Trainees this morning that sums it up I think!
“Our first aid course was really fascinating for me and a great insight into how important it is to have such a skill set when it comes to expeditioning.”
For us these courses make sense and are totally relevant to our expeditions and environments."

Operations Manager, British Exploring Society (remote area medical training programme ranging from basic to advanced courses, basic two day training for assistant leaders, refresher training for leaders and advanced medical skills for expedition medics - delivered at a number of UK locations 2013). 

Independent Newspaper Travel Article
Independent Newspaper Travel Article.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [91.5 KB]


'Seriously experienced guys in charge: terrific first aid stuff and intelligent security scenarios from which even this old war horse learned!'

Jon Snow - Presenter Channel 4 News

Photo (c) Channel 4 News

'Tutor was great, which led to a terrific atmosphere'.

Spencer Hall - ECP Exploration Medicine Course

Exploration Geologist, Field Safety Training, Desert Survival and Safety course.

Wilderness survival skills were thoroughly covered by knowledgeable staff which displayed a vast amount of experience in the subjects taught. Great course.


"Excellent training for operating in hostile environments. It has improved my confidence to operate in such environments"

Richard - First Option Group

Senior Field Geologist, Risk Management Course.

 This course teaches not only just the different dangers that exist for us when working in (hostileand and/or challenging) environments but also supplies us with the tools, techniques, knowledge and ideas on how to mitigate those dangers where possible and react effectively to incidents when they occur.

Sirocco Overland - Wilderness Medical Training with Lifesigns ECP – A Review

As things start to ramp up for next year’s long haul trip we decided some time ago to improve on our work based first aid training by supplementing it with a more in-depth course. This would hopefully allow us to diagnose, treat and stabilise a patient until definitive care was established either by mobilising a CASEVAC (Casualty evacuation) or driving to a clinic or hospital if circumstances allow. If you Google ‘Wilderness First Aid’ there is a plethora of companies, individuals, corporations all vying for your hard earned $$$. I made a number of phone calls and sent a number of emails outlining what we were doing and what we wanted to achieve. Some got back, some didn’t, some needed ‘groups’, some were too far away, some were ‘wishy washy’ with details and others were just to darn expensive!

In the end I contacted Ian at the Expedition Care Program (part of the Lifesigns Group) as their no nonsense choice of 5 programs seemed to fit our needs. We were looking at the Expedition Medicine course which was level 3. Ian Confirmed that this was a good choice given our undertaking and also advised us to consider the Expedition Medic level 5 course if we felt it necessary. We booked onto the Expedition Medicine Course for October 21/22nd and made our way to their base in Puttenham near Guildford.

The Expedition Care Program was developed by Royal Army Medical Corps Trauma Medics and experienced outdoor instructors to meet the rising demand for medical needs in the expedition and travel industries. Our instructor for the weekend was Andy ‘ Pinkie’ Salmon. Andy has his fingers in many pies, having been a paramedic, a field medic, emergency responder, trainer as well as being involved in a number of situations that required his expertise.

The course ran through the responsibilities of a first responder, patient assessment, resuscitation and advanced airway management. Everything was thoroughly covered, many questions were asked and answered accordingly. Through the afternoon we moved onto remote fractures, shock and wounds and how all these things can usually be linked. It was a lot of information for the 1st day.

The Sunday saw us looking at burn management, spinal injuries and vehicle  evacuation techniques. Andy built this into a scenario during the afternoon where we had to apply our knowledge gained to stabilise two casualties. It worked reasonably well but it was clear we were slow at decision making and responding. Time is crucial in many incidents and you would need to act fast to save a life.

Overall the weekend ran smoothly and a lot of good information was shared. There was no time to look at your watch and the days was packed from 0900-1700. Andy’s teaching methods were also spot on as it takes a lot to hold my attention but this didn’t wane once with Andy at the helm. On completion of the course I had the opportunity  to chat to Andy about international rescue situations and run through our all ready comprehensive 1st aid and medical supplies. There are a few more items to now add to the list and that should cover us.

I fully recommend the Expedition Care Program to anybody travelling to remote destinations where definitive care could be some time away. The 1 day first aid at work courses here in the UK just do not cut it for expedition and overland travellers needs and this is an often overlooked avenue for adventurous travellers in their planning stages. Do yourself and your travel partners a favour and go prepared.


Safety Training for Remote Area Personnel course.

"Thank you again for such an informative, useful, incredibly thorough and very enjoyable course.  Your time, efforts and expertise are very much appreciated – we all benefited immensely from the course!"

P.C., Exploration Manager, Mineral Exploration Company.

Review - ECP Medic course Sept 2012  By Mark Aspell

I travelled down to a farm location just outside Guildford with a feeling of excited trepidation. This is a course I’ve wanted to do for some time but was unable to attend last year.  It’s the Lifesigns Group ECP Medic course

So what is ECP?

Well the Expedition Care Program (ECP) is a modular program developed to meet the medical needs of travellers. The most basic course is a one day HSE recognised course that exceeds the Emergency First Aid at Work criteria. The 5th and most advanced course is the ECP Medic course which is designed for doctors, nurses, expedition leaders and others with some medical knowledge wanting to build on it. Don’t let that put you off, if you have a first aid at work certificate you would just about be OK although a little more advanced knowledge would help enormously.

The course I attended is the ECP Medic course and therefore assumes some first aid/ medical knowledge and there are conditions of attendance, although you don’t need to be a qualified surgeon to attend. I was one of six on this course: my fellow students consisted of a GP, fireman, outdoor supplies distributor, expedition guide and a potential medical student. The two day course itself was mainly practical/hands on – with the occasional nod to a PowerPoint slide. Our instructor, Andy, was well qualified to teach the subject and he taught with a relaxed manner. He was also happy to repeat anything which we were unsure of and it was a very relaxed training forum. The content of the ECP Medic Course covered subjects such as preparing for an expedition, attitude while on expedition, primary and secondary checks of casualties, chest wounds, collapsed lung treatment, injections and setting up a saline drip including inserting a cannula, securing airways and many more.

In summary, I really rate this course. The instructor was great. The topics covered relate to the sort of situations that could be encountered whilst on expedition. The cost of £200 for a 2 day course is reasonable (this doesn’t include accommodation). Beware though, you’ll come away with a long list of Gucci kit you simply MUST have! Now where did I put that Christmas list…


As an experienced traveler and consulting field archaeologist, very familiar in working in challenging and increasingly unfriendly environments around the globe, I found the Safety Training for Remote Area Personnel (five day course) in Vancouver to be excellent. The security and travel safety sessions were sensible, practical (rather than unnecessarily alarmist) and very useful. Likewise, as a qualified and current Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT), and an Incident Commander of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, I can confirm that the Remote Area Medical Training content was well delivered (by two very experienced instructors).  More importantly, the training was realistic and effective. As an owner of a company that frequently operates in hazardous, high risk environments, I feel his type of training should be given to all project managers and field workers going overseas, as well as those working demanding and remote domestic locations.  This is a highly recommended course.


Safety Training For Remote Area Personnel (5 day course), Vancouver, 2013

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