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At ECP we are aware that many organisations are travelling to more remote or hostile regions of the world. Many locations do not have first world medical facilities and so it is vitally important to have qualified medical professionals on-site should the unexpected happen. We can provide the peace of mind to allow you to focus on the production of your project.

We can provide full medical and logistical support for your staff and have an impressive portfolio of experienced staff from Doctors to Paramedics to Emergency Medical Technicians on our books.


We can also provide other services such as:

- Medical, logistic and safety staff

- Casualty Evacuation Plans

- Risk Assessment

- Pre-departure training courses

- Satellite telephones

- VHF Radios

- Medical equipment

- 24-hour remote medical support


Example Costs

 Remote location medic plus

 comprehensive trauma medical kit

 £350/day and £150/day for travel days

 High risk support staff

 £350/day and £150/day for travel days

 Pre-departure telephone consultancy

 From £100 a month per production

 Risk Assessment (inc. recce and casualty

 evacuation plans)


 £400/day and £150/day for travel days for

 all travel, in-country research and report

 write up time

 VHS Radios (licence required)

 From £20 a week per radio for multiple hire

 Iridium or Thuraya satellite telephone         

 £100/week + talk time

 Iridium or Globalstar satellite tracking


 Iridium £300 per month and Globalstar

 £100 per month

 24-hour specialist medical help line

 £35 for 10 minute pre-paid card

 Bespoke medical/remote environment 

 training courses

 £500 per ½ day and £1000 per day (max

 12 people)

We can also offer event support for endurance events, TV programmes and outdoor events. Please contact us for further information.

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