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" ..Wilderness survival skills were thoroughly covered by knowledgeable staff which displayed a vast amount of experience in the subjects taught. Great course."

Exploration Geologist, Field Safety Training, North America

The courses we deliver have been designed to satisfy a training need identified by our exploration sector clients arising from incidents that their staff have faced and have been unprepared for (prior to our engagement). The courses are practical, effective and proven. They are not bushcraft, military or rambo style courses, they are practical courses, supported by relevant theory,  allowing field workers (often not natural outdoor practitioners) to become confident in operating in their project environment and to know, that should the worst happen (as it has on numerous occasions in recent years with field staff becoming lost in deserts, having to survive after an aircrash in african jungles, vehicles breaking down in freezing Mongolian conditions, or a simple fractured ankle whilst mapping and area, to name but a few) they can survive until help arrives. The training includes late back procedures and identifying and sourcing (if requested) communications, tracking and emergency beacons to minimise survival situations occurring in the first place.

Our specialist instructors include those from both military and civilian backgrounds. What they have on common is extensive experience of utilising practical survival skills and teaching practical survival skills.

Our instructors have experience opertaing in temperate, desert, jungle, mountain and arctic survival including working with local populations within those environments including in deserts in both northern and southern africa, jungles in south amercia and asia and mountainous areas throughout the world including at altitude. In short, our staff are experts in their field.

We have delivered training for a variety of clients including those in the Oil exploration sector.  Courses follow the tried and tested P.L.A.N formula:

  • Protection
  • Location
  • Acquisition 
  • Navigation
  • Medical

The training addresses key survival psychology aspects and focuses on the five key survival essentials: Water, Warmth, Shelter, Signals and Food. Participants will be taught techniques for achieving these key essentials. The training will also address survival myths and what does and does not work.

Our courses also introduce participants to specialist (yet low weight and low cost safety equipment (which we can also provide including unique, bespoke survival kits, to supplement our standard field worker safety backpacks - personal medical, shelter and survival kits) which our instructors have tried and tested and also how to survive and prosper with little or no equipment. Knowledge is key.

The courses can be tailored depending on your requirements, timescales and budget including:

  • 3 hour classroom based theory 
  • 2 day classroom/outdoor based courses (our minimum recommendation)
  • Arctic, Jungle, Desert, Mountain, temperate courses from 2-7 days 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. This training is often added onto the field aspect of our remote environment medical training courses.

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