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"As an experienced traveler and consulting field archaeologist, very familiar in working in challenging and increasingly unfriendly environments around the globe, I found the Safety Training for Remote Area Personnel (five day course) in Vancouver to be excellent. The security and travel safety sessions were sensible, practical (rather than unnecessarily alarmist) and very useful. Likewise, as a qualified and current Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT), and an Incident Commander of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, I can confirm that the Remote Area Medical Training content was well delivered.  More importantly, the training was realistic and effective. As an owner of a company that frequently operates in hazardous, high risk environments, I feel his type of training should be given to all project managers and field workers going overseas, as well as those working demanding and remote domestic locations.  This is a highly recommended course."

Brian. 5-day STRAP course, Vancouver, Canada

The Expedition Care Program provides tailor-made modular courses for client companies and organisations. This is not designed for the individual client. In order to be ‘security aware’ you must understand the seeds of conflict, how they grow, how they may affect you, and how to respond to threats to your personal safety. If you need to live and work in unfamiliar or unstable environments, security awareness is a vital attribute. By attending a Risk Lifesigns training course the individual’s awareness is heightened and so allows them to make informed assessments of the potential dangers faced, thus minimising risks.

For corporate and exploration companies, we offer a series of 3-5 day Hostile Environments course. This course has been designed in conjunction with security, exploration and media professionals and is scenario based. All scenarios have been based on the experiences of the training team and our Subject Matter Expert Consultants and offer real time opportunities to learn the latest techniques in a safe environment.


Example three day course


Subjects include:

Day One

  • Course Introduction
  • Keeping healthy in the field (exercise, hygiene, food intake)
  • Pre departure planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scene Safety
  • Infection avoidance
  • Primary Assessment inc. Airway management
  • Secondary Assessment
  • Equipment Selection
  • Resuscitation & Defibrillation
  • Wound Management (including head and chest wounds, life threatening hemorrhage) & Ballistic Injuries, Tourniquets, Haeomstatic agents (e.g. Celox)
  • Common Disorders
  • Scenario

Day Two

  • Fracture Management
  • Accommodation choice/safety and security
  • Civil Disorders
  • Vehicle Check Points
  • Burns & Environmental Disorders
  • Scenarios
  • IV Training (including I.O options such as FAST1 and Bone Drills) (optional)

Day Three

  • Communications
  • Social Media
  • Vehicle safety checks/Issues & Recovery
  • Medevac Procedures
  • Personal Security
  • Woking with Local Security Forces
  • Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Suicide Bombings
  • Extraction/Evacuation/Bug Out bags/when to know its time to leave.

"...The Hostile environments course is a great week of practical scenarios to get your team ready for the field. From being held hostage to catastrophic bleeding scenarios, the very experienced instructors will make you better prepared for the field!..."

 T.W. Hostile Environment Course

For further details regarding security and hostile environments training, please visit our sister company www.risklifesigns.co.uk

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