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This course is currently only available for group bookings. Please contact us for further details.

This is our longest course and is based on the highly regarded U.S. W-EMT programme. Shorter courses have started being delivered in the UK using the W-EMT name but are not all of the relevant duration to mirror the U.S. W-EMT course that is increasingly becoming the Gold standard for Wilderness medical training globally.


Our course is supported by Comprehensive texts and notes. The course is benchmarked against professional courses clinically endorsed and recognised in the UK. The course provides significant opportunity for scenarios (including extended scenarios) in wilderness environments and concludes with practical experience of clinical placements. Alumni of the course will not only have received excellent and bench-marked theoretical and practical training but will also have hands on experience in a clinical setting so will be well equipped to respond in an emergency.

MODULE 1: Wilderness First Responder course content FPOS (I) Royal College of Surgeons (Edin) Certified. Note that this element will take 5 days (i.e. the students will get the weekend off to do pre reading before starting the R.A.M.M. module) compared to undertaking the Wilderness First Responder as a stand alone course (7 days) as elements of the WFR course are covered (in more detail) on the R.A.M.M. course.


MODULE 2: Remote Area Medical Management R.A.M.M.™ Training Course


MODULE 3: Three days clinical placement in a Hospital, GP Surgery or Ambulance setting.

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